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[ When Darkness Awaken In The Child'S Heart ] by tifany1988 [ When Darkness Awaken In The Child'S Heart ] by tifany1988

I'm sorry Aurica... But I think I could not play with you anymore...


It's been ages since I have not used Aurica. This is not one of the characters that I use most. And it's not the one I'm most proud of. Besides, I'm always trying new models for her. Mainly her face and clothing styles. I admit that I liked the first version child. But I like this model even more ! I think I will use a similar basis for a version 14. But I still think.
Ah, it's just her design that i'm not fan, not her story. I love her story, this is absolutly not that the problem. Rather, I think it's one of my favorite scenarios with the one of Noah and Ty. And I often work on it to make it consistent. Time passes and I find more and more idea to make it consistent and perfect.

For those who have forgotten: Aurica is the daughter of Tifany and Kazu. But she was born in the darkness while Tifany tried to run away from a threat. She had the misfortune to fall on Maleficent who did the same thing with Aurora: she blesses Aurica with her darkness, worst she tried to put her darkness inside the baby to survive and get out of prison in which she was locked (because of Sora or Ricci and her family maybe). So Aurica was born with great disposition to the darkness that her mother later sealed to protect her (without saying anything). Aurica normally grows with the uncanny ability to communicate with ghosts. That's how she met W.O.M and they became friends. She was for a time, her only friend. Subsequently, of course, Aurica meet other children, including her lover Nova.
Without saying too much because I like mysteries, Aurica will eventually succumb to the darkness when she'll be a teenager and reign for a moment in the black world as queen of darkness alongside Maleficient and Shane and Jonathan (her adoptive brother as they were created by Maleficent). Just because her darkness was better than the seal of her mother.
I would not say how it all ended and what happened to her to become that evil but the main one is that everything will be done relatively well since Aurica will return to Nova and put Noah in the world later again. I will not dwell on the story of Noah, I did a lot of comics about it.

At this moment in story, Aurica is lost and lonely. At first she lived in Twilight Town with all her friends but was forced to move to Radiant Garden and ended up a bit lonely. Her solitude and betrayal woke the darkness in her heart and it is from there that W.O.M has not been able to reach Aurica. In any case before a long time.

It's so cool i think !! ^^


:iconlove: Credit

  • Aurica - Tifany1988 / Jakkaeront / Unluckycandyfox / MikanNoyamano
  • W.O.M - Anne-Bonny

  • STAGE : RedRevolutionnaire
  • MONTAGE : Tifany198

All Base from Kazuki9484 and/or KohakuUme6


© KH, Square Enix, Disney Interactive, Tetsuya Nomura

SairasMN Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017
Hey where can I download that model? I'm going to make an animation for a school proyect >.<
tifany1988 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017
Wich model ? The little girl ? (who is mine so i can eventually give her) or the ghost ? (you can found her here :…)
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August 24, 2016
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