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:: Angel With A Shotgun :: by tifany1988
:: Angel With A Shotgun ::

I realize there are a lot of fan of TWEWY. Much more than what I thought. Some are even more fan than Final Fantasy. I admit that this game charmed me exept for the scenario. I loved certain passages. But my favorite game will remain a Final Fantasy. But perhaps if they were doing a remake or a sequel, this game will goes in my favorites. After all, I was delighted to see them in KH3D.

Anyway. I love these two more particularly ! <3


:iconlove: Credit

  • Edit Neku - Jakkaeront
  • Edit Joshua - Jakkaeront

  • Stage - o-DeadSilverVirus-o
  • Montage - Tifany1988


© KH, Square Enix, Disney Interactive, Tetsuya Nomura, The world ends with you

:: See Ya In Hell :: by tifany1988
:: See Ya In Hell ::


I try to remember the reason for the initial creation of this character (exept the fact that I was bored and I love creating new characters). She looks like Axel when i look at her but it wasn't the goal when i created her... I think... it was just a try. She's cool. She seems to have the same temper as Létie under a certain angle. But she's very professional in her job.
She's expert in weapons, firearm, explosive powder, spinning, spying ... I think she works for the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee or an organization similar. Actually i don't know and i don't give a sh*. She'll have an utility if i need her in the future or if someone need someone like her. Mhh yeah, it's kinda crual but whatever, they're not real after all ^^;


:iconlove: Credit

  • ??? - Tifany1988 / Xehanort-Trash / Lulirine / Amiamy111 / Kowaii-Kaorri


  • STAGE : ....blackout... -_-'
  • MONTAGE : Tifany1988


All Base from Kazuki9484 and/or KohakuUme6


© KH, Square Enix, Disney Interactive, Tetsuya Nomura


:: Color Of Darkness Pleasure :: by tifany1988
:: Color Of Darkness Pleasure ::

What with that title... XD
I really don't have time to lose but i wanted to publish a picture with Vampire Aurica. She's lovely ! The spitting image of her mother ! ~
I think i'll not have the time to do a vampire Noah... If i can, i'll try ! Asuka Determined Yes Icon  


:iconlove: Credit

  • Tifany Vampire - Tifany1988 / Xehanort-Trash / Sims3Ripper / HaruLikesCarrot / o-DeadSilverVirus-o / DeidaraChanHeart / Cloud9
  • Aurica Vampire - Tifany1988 / Kohaku-Ume / Jakkaeront / LokriLo / MikanNoyamano / MaiMami / Cloud9 
  • Rabbit - o-o-Alice-o-o

  • STAGE : 
  • MONTAGE : Tifany198

All Base from Kazuki9484 and/or KohakuUme6


© KH, Square Enix, Disney Interactive, Tetsuya Nomura

:: And what about now ? :: by tifany1988
:: And what about now ? ::


Hey guys ! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double Peace) [V6] 
I thought it was time to make a small point. I will not go into too serious discussion or formal so I'll make it short. 
It's been 4 years since I use MMD and probably 3 years I've learned to use PMD. I made a lot of progress over time. Not to the point of creating a character starting from 0 but to the point of creating a character and differentiate him/her slightly from the original model to make the most unique possible.
And I doubt anyone've done it, everyone start from a base and most of the time, even the pro of the KH OCs, start from a base of Kingdom hearts, even if they did it themselves, it is not a creation but a reproduction to look like the character of KH who belongs to Square-Enix. I don't deny that it's a long work, I just said that none of these creations are original about OCs from Kingdom Hearts. Even edited, the base remains that of Sora, Riku, Kairi or other characters in the game). Anyway, i don't want to debate on this, it's not the point and it's just my opinion.

I just wanted to say that i'm proud of all what i did and i'm happy to have met a lot of precious and talented people. People who have supported me and loved me as I love them. I still love to do MMD... and i'll continue when i can. But the fact is that i'm tired. And i don't have the time anymore. I lost a bit of my passion, some people have disgusted me and disappointed me in this universe and all that fun has lost its shine. This is of course not what I most tired (i even don't care actually lol), people are what they are, i can't love everyone and everyone can't love me lol. It's just life... The thing is that i changed. I grew up, and life requires me that I enter in to full time whether I like it or not. That's why i'm not here for long period, why i don't answer comment, why i don't take request and all. So sorry about that.

I just wanted to say that i love doing things with PMD and MMD and create new characters and i'll continue. But not with the same intensity than before. I know it's the same for most of you. It's very difficult for me to accept it because i had a lot of fun. But i know it's over.
Ah ! It's not a goodbye of course ! Just a summary of things. (and a way to show you again my cute selfie !! ~ who should have glasses but i hate that so... whatever XD)

See ya later and good luck for all your projects in life everyone ! ;) 


:iconlove: Credit

  • Stephanie - Tifany1988 / Xehanort-Trash / Unluckycandyfox / Sanctuarysembrace


  • STAGE : Nuuh i don't remember é_è
  • MONTAGE : Tifany1988


All Base from Kazuki9484 and/or KohakuUme6


© KH, Square Enix, Disney Interactive, Tetsuya Nomura


:: D E  F E N S E L E S S :: by tifany1988
:: D E F E N S E L E S S ::

Cole *confused mind* : What's that smell ?
Jared *shrug* : Vanilla.
Cole : I don't have vanilla at home.
Jared : I bought a shower gel and I borrowed your bathroom. You don't like that smell ?
Cole : It's too sweet. Headache.
Jared : Normal. You look completely high on cocaine.
Cole *annoy* : It's you who is.
Jared : Woah, totally high. And helpless.
Cole *struggle* : Get out. Don't touch me.
Jared : That's all you can do to reject me ? You know what i think ?
Cole *annoy and scared* : I don't want to know !
Jared : You don't want to reject me.
Cole : It's the contrary. Geez, don't approach me, Your smell is too sweet.
Jared : It's sexy what you say. 
Cole : Fuck, stop that. I'm dizzy, i don't understand what's going on. Don't take advantage of the situation, It's not fair play.
Jared : I don't want to be fair play. I always take advantage of a situation if i can. Or i'll have regrets. And life is too short to have regrets.
Cole : I'll not forgive you.
Jared : You will have forgotten by tomorrow with everything you took.
Cole *dizzy* : I would not have forgotten. I... I never forget anything that concerns you.
Jared : ..... *gently smile* what a coincidence. It's the same for me. 


After seeing that. It's like the calm before the storm. Once again, Jared is not sensitive to what others feel. Well I say that but in the end, if he allow himself to have physical contact with Cole is because he knows that Cole will not reject him seriously and even if he says "no", it is not a true "no." If it was a true "no", he respects the will of his partners (and doesn't care). Although he doesn't have had much in recent years...


:iconlove: Credit

  • Jared - Tifany1988 / Kohaku-Ume / Unluckycandyfox 
  • Cole - Sophloulou

  • STAGE : MMD3DCGParts
  • MONTAGE : Tifany198

All Base from Kazuki9484 and/or KohakuUme6


© KH, Square Enix, Disney Interactive, Tetsuya Nomura

Tagged by  Kairichan96

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: RULES :.
  • Place rules
  • You should say 13 things about yourself
  • Answer the 10 questions asked by whom I tag, similarly to 10 who go to tag
  • Choose 13 people. NADA 14 or 12. 13
  • Make sure they know they have been tagged them
  • It is forbidden to anyone not tag
  • You can tagger who you tag
  • If you do not meet the tagg in a week, you should obey a desire that whoever asks you tag
13 things about me:
  1. I hate when people give me orders (exemple : I began to find it fun to make this tag until the rules bored me so much that I'll only do half U_U)
  2. I hate people depend on me. Live your life, seriously, i like to be alone sometime... T__T
  3. I feel guilty because of my little dog. I don't know educate him and it makes me sad...
  4. I don't feel my place in the workd, the society, so regularly, I lock myself in my imaginary world (I'm 27 and I don't care).
  5. I am extremely stubborn and I hate being wrong.
  6. I have a defect at the right hand. It is much smaller than the other, but i like it, it's cute (i have the hand of a little child XD).
  7. My father will be the owner of two shops, which will make me a future manager! Yaay !
  8. I only dresses with dresses. I must have one jeans and a sports pants in my closet...
  9. If I had an apartment, I would have a corner sofa !! I don't care the rest, i want this sofa !!
  10. I tie my hair all the time now, they have pushed too much for my taste but I don't want to cut them.
  11. You really think i have a lot of things to say about myself ?!! I'm normal !!
  12. I do not like when people are of a different opinion to mine and they don't respect my opinion.

1- Did you ever do something so stupid that you'll regret it now?
Oooh yeah... But as i'm forced to live with that then i live with that and try to forget if i can.

2- Did you like pizza?
Only those i do myself.

3- What is your favorite game of all time?
No doubt about it : FINAL FANTASY 7.

4- Last anime/manga you watch/read.
Anime - Persona Trinity Soul (yaaay) and manga - Hmm FF type-0 i think... i read a lot of serie in my personal library...

5- What is the art that you are most proud of?
Oh it's a difficult question... *search in my gallery* I find some : This one and, this one, this one, this one and this one (it's pictures, i didn't serach in the oneshot gallery)

6 - What is/are your favorite artist(s)?
Hmm... *sigh* ok just three of them. Danit09182 (for her universe), Z-pico (just did you see what he does ?!!! *o*) and Sreliata (FF7 4ever !)

7 - What is your favorite season and why?
Spring. Because the temperatures are mild but it is neither too hot nor too cold, we leave the horrible winters and it's just before the summer and holidays.

8 - You prefer to draw or to use MMD?
I don't know draw then definitly MMD.

9- Describe your gallery and you as an artist.
There is most Shonen-ai and yaoi in my gallery, and a large part that shows my OCs. I am someone who is very open minded and also rather tortured because most of my images are tragic but who search for hapiness and search the true love, and I am someone quite jealous and possessive, I have to admit it... maybe all that is visible in my galleries. I am true and my images are reflections of my soul, my mind and my personality.

10 - I hope you have fun today and I'm sure something beautiful is coming. Bye~
Sure, i'm glad if you had fun :)

 Questions for you!

  • If you had to choose between the manga/animation and video games, which would you choose?
  • Your dearest wish ?
  • If you want to say "I love you" to someone, right now, who would it be ?
  • You can go say I love you to him/her, i can wait here ! ~ ... GO TO TELL HER/HIM !!
  • If tomorrow you were asked to be someone else, who would you be ?
  • Would you go out with an OC ? (come on, don't be shy, tell us who it is ? SAY US !)
  • Tea, ice tea, cofee, cold cofee...? What do you prefer ?
  • You download a film (or a game) that you expected for a long time, there remains two seconds to download it and the file put the whole day to be downloaded... but internet cut at that moment and you lose your download... What is your reaction....?
  • What do you prefer in my gallery ?
  • One word to describe you ?
I tag: Sophloulou, Libbyxpaopu97, MyAoiChan, Kukisnmilk, JustTJ, and who want to do that... You will regret being friends with me! Hahahahahah... ... ... HAHAHAHAHA !!!! *run like a crazy*

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tifany1988's Profile Picture
:bulletpink: Me ? Who i am :
Summary my life or identify the true nature of a person is difficult because we are changing all the time.
To simplify things, I'm a normal girl with her qualities and defaults. I am very sensitive, I think a lot, which sometimes makes me more succeptible and lower than others (sometimes but i know i'm not the only one to think that). And sometimes i can be very strong....
We are all different and each moment of life pushes me to challenge myself and to accept the things that change. We must adapt to this world. That's why I love being on DA. Because I am myself while being hidden.

I cry, I laugh. I love life, I hate it. I understand the people I respect. But I hate humanity. I still do not understand people. I am generous. I'm selfish. I am a contradiction to me all alone. I want to be alone, I want to be surrounded. I fear nothing. I'm afraid of everything. I continue to look for me. I continue to build my life hoping to find the meaning of my life.
I yearn for a simple life that pleases me. Even though I have trouble knowing what I really want. I'm afraid to die, but when that day comes, I hope I did not regret.

:bulletpink: Crazy People From My Crazy World :

- Friends i love : :iconjusttj::iconlexalice::iconxxwarrior-of-lightxx::iconanne-bonny::iconcandy-girl13::iconkairichan96::iconroxasxiiiaxelviii::iconsmirkaotic::icontheevilmonster::iconyoesel::iconchyaari:

- Friends i love and admire : :iconkazuki9484::iconkohaku-ume::iconchochoyatori::iconredrevolutionnaire::iconsorasprincesss::iconwintrydrop::iconworthlessvvonder:

- French Friends : :iconmiyakoshizuki::iconsilith2002::iconsimili13::iconnamimisa::icondark6nika:

- Yaoi's sis : :icontemmievega1999::icondanit09182::iconsophloulou:

Yaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chan
No. 6 - We'll Meet Again Stamp by Twilight-KiyokoNo. 6 Stamp by Lime-appleTogainu no Chi Stamp by Cinema-BizarreMello x Near :Stamp: by LauNachtyrLight x L stamp by SitarPlayerIXFree! Stamp by SyvaenderMakoHaru -stamp2- by IwonnFree! Stamp: MakoHaru 2 by wow1076Free! Stamp: MakoHaru 3 by wow1076crow x seto stamp by heydevildante5927 Stamp no.7 by Roys-nekoMirai Nikki stamp by nerine-yaoiClear x Aoba Stamp by S-LaughturThe black and White II by KuroNoHato:thumb416418038:Zetsuen no Tempest stamp: Mahiro x Yoshino by mikurumikichan

DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphics
Persona - Minato Stamp by FireBomb9Persona 4 Stamp by Finalzidane-XCute Pokemon Stamp by morfachasEternal Sonata Stamp by SweetDuke
Lon'qu Stamp by AdraowenOlivia Stamp by AdraowenRicken Stamp by AdraowenNowi Stamp by Adraowen-Fire Emblem Awakening- Robin male Stamp by SolariorrChrom Stamp by AdraowenLucina Stamp by AdraowenInigo Stamp by AdraowenNah Stamp by AdraowenMorgan Stamp by AdraowenGaius Stamp by AdraowenHenry Stamp by Adraowen:thumb170097835:LymleXFaize Stamp by charry-photosFaize Sheifa Beleth by charry-photos:thumb271220596::thumb271219419::thumb271223733:Asad-stamp by Suki-PoehhAnother TWEWY Stamp by LinkMasterXPJoshua Stamp by Cobalt-AceCLeon Stamp by DemonLeon3D
Tales of Stamp by squidlarkinPresea x Genis Stamp by PortgasDAnnMithos by Midnight-ZephyrAniseIon Stamp by MilesTailsPrower-007ToA - Fon Master Ion Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestToA - Anise Tatlin Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestToG - Asbel Lhant Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestSophie Stamp by SuperKawaiiMochiJude stamp by Akiyama-LhantAlvin stamp by Akiyama-LhantElize and Teepo stamp by Akiyama-LhantLudger stamp by Akiyama-LhantLeia stamp by Akiyama-Lhant:thumb422587164:

Final Fantasy Fanatic by jpopqueen26
CloTi Stamp 1 by NokuraiCloud x Tifa Fan by QuidxProxQuoStamp - Zack x Aerith by MiaKa-CiDFF IX - Zidane x Dagger Stamp by DemonKaizokuFFX Rikku Stamp by SeryiaVaan x Penelo Stamp by RonnenNoel and Serah stamp by Nokuraiserah death stamp by XxClaireStrifexXVanille x Hope Stamp by HeartlessKairiHope x Vanille by QuidxProxQuo:thumb303068060:

Disney Stamp by poserfan
I listen to Disney music... by ArcaneChildDisney Stitch + Pillow Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Clopin Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Hades + Laugh Stamp by TwilightProwlerShrek Stamp 6 by FlusjaaDisney Jim + Fall Stamp by TwilightProwlerAlice in Wonderland by Burton by Lora-Pedigree

AND : Jackunzel Stamp by xXAmaya-himeXxMericup Stamp by xXAmaya-himeXx

Second Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame
Kingdom Hearts Yaoi Stamp by naomi0kamaKH Twitter_Bots Stamps 1 by FlameSalvo
Riku by EllexonSora by EllexonSoriku stamp ... sort of. by Tea-Strawberry
Axel by EllexonSaix by EllexonSaix n Axel Stamp by FlameSalvoAxel n Saix Stamp by FlameSalvo
Vanitas by EllexonNamine by Ellexon:thumb336113239:

I_love_manga-stamp by kluska-chan
Amour Sucre Stamp by iAsuraNathaniel Stamp by Ittichy:thumb320117089:Armin Stamp by IttichyStamp Nobu x Hachi by MiaKa-CiDFull Moon o Sagashite   6 by princess-femi-stampsCat Street Stamp by Megg-Lavender:thumb300184658::thumb300569049::thumb300353388:D.N.Angel Fan Stamp by cherry-starStamp Kuh x Ren by MiaKa-CiDFruits Basket by KurasiiStamp - Kyoru by WarrayfinsonKisa Fan stamp by pixi-dustmikan x natsume stamp by ChibilinaOuran Highschool Host Club Stamp by DogFreak108Ouran: Twins- Peace by Kaze-yoTamaki X Haruhi Stamp by Host-Club-CouplesKimi - Boku - Love Stamp by Tainakastamp mermaid melody by SaKuRiMo0nLuciaxKaito Stamp by SugerBubblesNagisa and Hanon Stamp by FlyingPrincess.Stamp. Nosatsu Junkie by Fiona-MariaKimi ni Todoke Stamp by AdryJustendAmuto stamp by QuissSuper Gals stamp by ueruchan77Zero x Yuuki stamp by YorleniSamaStamp - Black Cat by SuxinnDOGS:Bullets and Carnage stamp by FeroCe-FuoCofairy tail stamp by HavickArtStamp -Rave- HaruxElie 01 by PJXD23.:FMA stamp:. by MintyMaguireBlack Butler Stamp by Armor-of-FireKuroshitsuji Stamp by AnDarkPrincessSnake stamp by ZZsStampsceil phantomhive stamp 3 by XiahismFinny by Stalker-for-HireDurarara Masaomi Stamp by erjanksDurarara Izaya Stamp by erjanksGauche and Lag by Zakkur-aShaman King stamp :D by uplawShaman King: Ren x Jeanne by Vulpixi-StampsStamp - Fon Fortinbras by onionscratch-paper

:bulletblue: And what about me ?:bulletblue:

I love sweets - stamp by candysoresI Love Chocolate by SophibelleLove to read by Claire-stampsAddicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesnerSushi Love Stamp by chikaex0ticaCoffee Stamp by CarinaReisYaoi Stamp by ki55-meI love pink stamp by violetsteelI love black stamp by violetsteelcomputer stamp by Kataang-furuba::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05My stamp :D by crazy-mushroomI Love My iPod Stamp by angelslainSarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317Yaoi Stamp by AnnaethGreenleafI love Japan stamp by sosogirl123I'm a Gamer Girl - Stamp by RomysStuffWinter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseI Hate Winter Stamp by Rikku-HoraijiChristmas Stamp by The-Emerald-OtterFamily Love :Stamp: by LauNachtyrBe Smart About Religion by LauNachtyrI love dogs stamp by izka197Yorkshire Terrier Love Stamp by cloudratHate My Life Stamp by AmethystKirbyRespect and Tolerance by LordPendragonOfCariaOwl City Stamp v2 by DekaffRihanna Stamp by Krisderptolerance by vvykLoki Stamp by AndrogynousOne- I think too much - by YuhonI Love The Rain by WearwolfaaLove Paris by StampCollectors'I support what I want' by FeniikuOCs Stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stampsOC - Soul Stamp by AlpharesOC Love Stamp by rynokiBecause its the only one you'll have by LordPendragonOfCariaOpen-Mindedness by LordPendragonOfCariaKnow Before You Judge by LordPendragonOfCariaWell, have you? by LordPendragonOfCariaDepressed? by Sanguine-DelilahOwn Style Stamp by HyperactiveMothManThinking Stamp by DaMoni:starbucks: by falexxHaha stamp by minas-stampsSmile Stamp by Tibb-Wolfstamp - don't judge a book... by Daeg-NihtShy Stamp by Neko-MusumeMusic Stamp by JetProwerTheFox... stamp by sixthkidfromthestarzheart and crossbones stamp by sixthkidfromthestarzlikes many things stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz

:bulletpurple: My OC is :: S.K.Y.F.A.L.L :: by tifany1988:: MEET WITH THE STRANGE :: by tifany1988
She is in love with this guy :: The Fall Of Our Youth :: by tifany1988

And they have a daughter : :: DOWNLOAD :: Aurica Summer Outfit by tifany1988 who is in love with :LOVE: The silence get us nowhere by tifany1988

And they have two child : :: Noah - The Shadow Of The Night :: BIO by tifany1988 and :: L.E.C.I.L.I.A - The girl who can read hearts :: by tifany1988

One of them is in love with : :: Goodmorning Kiss :: by tifany1988 and they even have a daughter (sort of) : :: BIO :: Nora - The girl from Nothingness :: by tifany1988

My selfie is this girl : :: Dance Inside the Labyrinthe Of Death :: by tifany1988 and is in love with this guy : :: WORLD SNOW :: by tifany1988 unlike me who is alone but who is afraid to be in love...

Ultimately, I like OCs. I like to create a universe. I like writing, I like to invent, I love creating characters and stories even if I finish few of them.
I have fewer immagination and less time. I try to stay in the real world because I have no choice. But one thing is sure, my heart belongs to my world. From what I am and what I have done myself. And I will continue to come even if my activity is reduced, because I have met many interesting people here.

I Love deviantART Stamp by ViciousCherry
STAMP: I'm Happy Today by zungzwang
I Love You Stamp by MissBezz

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Hey ~ <3
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bonjour, je l'ai vu la bande dessinée que vous avez créés et mes sentiments préférés et vrais et vraiment bien fait complimenté espère qu'il y aura une suite un jour.
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Thank you ^^
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